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Snow in ski area in Dalvik, Iceland

29 Apr 2019

Skiing in Dalvik, North Iceland

When visiting Iceland during the winter, you'll want to head north to take advantage of all the cold weather activities like skiing and snowboarding in Dalvik.

Credit cards for Iceland car rental

06 Mar 2019

Do I Need a Credit Card When I Rent a Car in Iceland?

When renting a car in Iceland, do you need a credit card or is a debit card just fine? Well it depends, but you'll probably need to have one or both for your Iceland car rental.


12 Jan 2017

Famous desserts in Iceland

Iceland is famous for beautiful nature, northern lights, puffins and volcanos, but what about food? In this article, we would like to describe the most popular desserts among local population.


08 Jan 2017

Wedding in Iceland Blog

Iceland is a beautiful country with fairy tale views and picturesque nature, so it is not surprising that some tourists are planning to celebrate their wedding here. In this post we will look at the most important questions that you need to bear in mind, if you decide to arrange your wedding in this country.

Northern Lights

27 Nov 2016

Mývatn Northern Lights Tour

Northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, is one of the most fascinating natural phenomenon that can be found in Iceland. There are various ways to capture this breathtaking process, but we would highly recommend you to book Mývatn Northern Lights Tour, which will give you an opportunity to watch northern lights in Iceland!

Icelandic bread

04 Oct 2016

Icelandic bread

Icelandic cuisine is known all over the world for its unique ingredients and receipts. Local people respect old traditions, that's why many Icelandic dishes haven't changed for centuries. Probably, one of the most famous Icelandic food among tourists is a volcano bread. This rye bread has a distinctive taste and is baked in a hot spring.

Traditional Icelandic breakfast, icelandic breakfast

28 Sep 2016

Traditional Icelandic breakfast

According to United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals Iceland is one of the top in the list of the healthiest countries in the word. So what make Icelanders so healthy? Lifestyle plays important role, but without high quality food, such results would be impossible.

Icelandic horses

24 Sep 2016

Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses are unique and extraordinary, there are one of the oldest breeds in the world. The country is proud of their horses and have strict rules, which helps to protect these amazing animals.

Icelandic house

04 Sep 2016

Icelandic language

It was recently reported that the record four hundred people applied to study Icelandic language in the University of Iceland. So what makes this unique and beautiful language more popular among foreigners?


10 Aug 2016

Landmannalaugar Jeep Tour from Arnes

This is one of the most picturesque tours in Iceland, it will take you from írnes, which is located near town of Selfoss, to Landmannalaugar, the are famous for trekking and geothermal pools. You can read more about the trip here!