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Traditional Icelandic breakfast


Traditional Icelandic breakfast

Traditional I Icelandic breakfast proves that health starts with nutritious food in the morning. Due to the weather conditions and local productions the main food in Iceland are dairy products and fish. Both of them are highly beneficial for the body. Another important factor is that Icelanders always eat breakfast at home, to grab a sandwich and eat it on a way to work is out of question here. 

So what exactly Icelanders eat for breakfast? First of all famous Skyr is a very popular food in the morning in Iceland. This well-known diary product, which slightly might remind Greek yogurt (but not really) that Icelanders eat with milk and berries. Skyr is very beneficial and nutritious, so it is not surprising that it is so beloved in Iceland. It has probiotics as well as calcium and protein, which is very important  for the health. 

Another popular dish is oatmeal, or as it is called here hafragrautur, usually people eat it with milk and brown sugar. Oatmeal has fiber, which makes you stay fuller longer, which is good for your diet. Also some studies believe that it reduces the level of cholesterol as well. 

Apart from dairy, it is important to mention lysi: it is a cod-liver oil. It is very good for your health, especially for kids. That's why in many daycares and  schools lysi is a part of a daily diet. It might sound weird for many that people will have a shot of cod-liver oil in the morning, but in Iceland where there is many days without proper sun it is important to get vitamin D and lysi is perfect for this. Apart for improving the mood in dark winter da, cod-liver oil can reduce blood pressure and is considered beneficial for people with liver diseases. 

Of course breakfast is not the only reason, why Iceland tops the list of the most healthiest countries, but why not start here? Healthy and nutritious food in the morning will increase your mood and will give you a boost of energy for whole day. After all there is no better way to start a day than with a delicious Skyr with famous Icelandic milk and blueberries. Yum!