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Best souvenirs from Iceland Blog


Icelandic flag
We made a list of most popular souvenirs in Iceland, among them you will find perfect gifts for both children and adults. Most of the presents can be found either in Reykjavik or in duty free in the airport.

Icelandic wool 
There are not only stylish, but also very warm and cozy. It is a perfect gift, especially from someone who have to deal with cold weather and will appreciate good quality wool sweater or blanket. You can find wool clothes in many shops around Reykjavik.
Blue lagoon creams
Unfortunately, many people don’t have an opportunity to visit Iceland and enjoy the famous geothermal water, however, there is a chance to bring a piece of Blue Lagoon with you. On your way back from Blue Lagoon, you can visit their store and buy some skin treatment. These creams and lotions are famous for its natural ingredients, such as algae, silica, and minerals.
Lava rock jewellery
What can be more Icelandic than jewellery that contains volcanic rocks? These gifts would be unique and certainly very Icelandic. There are a big variety of such jewellery from budget bracelets and necklace to luxury watches.
We are definitely not telling you to catch a real puffin, but a stuffed puffin, would be a perfect present for any kid. This exotic bird is certainly one of the most famous animal in Iceland and it also makes a cool toy. Quite honestly, it can be a perfect gift for an adult person as well!
Brennivin liquor 
Alcohol is a best souvenir for many occasions, so if you are looking for some local liquor, Brennivin would be a good choice. Strong alcohol with an exotic taste would be a perfect gift for people, who collect liquors from different countries. You can easily buy it in duty free in the airport.
Reyka Vodka
Another famous alcohol is Reyka vodka, it is very popular in Iceland, however it is quite difficult to find it abroad. So in case you have fans of spirits among your friends, we would definitely recommend you to buy a bottle or two in duty free in the airport.
Omnom chocolate
This famous Icelandic chocolate is surely a great present for any chocolate lover. It is made of cacao, raw cane sugar and delicious Icelandic milk. Apart from taste, the package if the chocolate bar is really fancy and colourful.