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Iceland Waterfalls

12 Apr 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Iceland Waterfalls

Iceland is famous for its amazing nature: geothermal hot springs, active volcanoes, ancient caves and much more. In this post we will focus on the most outstanding waterfall in the country.


12 Apr 2023

All About Reykjavik: Iceland's Capital

The Icelandic capital is a fascinating city, which combines stunning landscapes and modern architecture, and plenty of things to do!

Facts About Iceland

07 Apr 2023

15 Cool and Interesting Facts About Iceland: A Unique Nordic Gem

Iceland is a tiny country and sometimes there is a little known about traditions and culture of it. There are many false stereotypes about the country, such as it's always cold here or that most of Iceland is covered with ice, so we decided to fight the myths and write 15 facts about Iceland.

blue lagoon geothermal seawater - Iceland Car Rental - Car Rental Iceland

05 Apr 2023

The Top Iceland Hot Springs

Bathing in hot springs in Iceland is one of the most popular activities among tourists. So, which sites are the best, and what makes them so attractive?

waterfall in Iceland

29 Mar 2023

The 21 Top Things to do in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, big variety of wild life and unique nature phenomena. What makes Iceland so attractive to many tourists is the variety of activities for both children and adults. In this article we created a list of top five things to do in Iceland.

Road trips in Iceland

22 Mar 2023

Why Taking a Road Trip in Iceland is the Best Idea Ever

If you're looking for your next adventure, perhaps a road trip to Iceland could be a good idea? Let's see what makes driving around the island's Ring Road so special for travelers.

How long to drive around Iceland's Ring Road

08 Mar 2023

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Iceland?

It's important to know how long it takes to drive around Iceland's Ring Road when planning your dream road trip. While the answer depends on several factors, here is our best estimate along with advice about how long you should stay during your visit.

Iceland toll roads

01 Mar 2023

Tolls in Iceland

When budgeting for your Iceland car rental, you'll need to consider factors like the cost of fuel and whether you'll have to pay tolls. Let's look at the tolls in Iceland and whether they will affect your trip or not.

Iceland hiking

22 Feb 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Iceland

Iceland is a perfect destination for hiking with its breathtaking landscapes and almost out of earth atmosphere.

Iceland golden circle

15 Feb 2023

Your Complete Guide to the Golden Circle in Iceland

Are you short on time? The Golden Circle in Iceland would be the best option for you. The route will let you see a beautiful national park, a waterfall, a geothermal valley and much more in just one day!