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Ultimate Godafoss Travel Guide: The Waterfall of the Gods, Iceland


Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland

With over 10,000 waterfalls across the country, the few Icelandic falls that constantly make it onto visitors’ must-see lists are certainly very special! One of these famous falls is the incredible Godafoss, or ‘Waterfall of the Gods’, in Northern Iceland.

Learn all about the mighty Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland in this complete travel guide, full of all the important information you need to know about visiting Godafoss, including where exactly the falls are, how to get there and top travel tips.

Godafoss Waterfall Facts + History of Godafoss

Fed by the Skjalfandafljot River, which flows from the Vatnajokull ice cap (Europe’s largest glacier), the magnificent Godafoss Waterfall is horseshoe-shaped and split in the middle by a rock that rises up out of the water. These falls feature in the popular ‘Diamond Circle’ route, which is North Iceland’s answer to the renowned Golden Circle tourist route in South Iceland.


This 12-meter high and 30-meter wide waterfall is historically significant as it was the site where the Icelandic chieftain and law speaker, Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi, supposedly threw his pagan idols into the water around 1000 AD, symbolizing the country's conversion to Christianity.

Godafoss waterfall


Although this legend is said to have given Godafoss its name as the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’, the true nature of the waterfall’s name still remains a myth, as some say it’s due to the waterfall’s God-like beauty. The story of Thorgeir, however, lives on in Icelandic legend and is depicted in the window of the main church in the nearby city of Akureyri.

Where is Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland?


Located in the northeastern area of Iceland, Godafoss is around 30 minutes by car from the coastal city of Akureyri. Near to Godafoss, you’ll also find the famous Lake Myvatn, complete with geothermal areas, hot springs and lava fields. Just north of Godafoss, there’s also the nearby town of Husavik, which is famous for whale watching in Iceland.


If you’re looking for the exact Godafoss Waterfall location for your GPS, the coordinates are: 65.6828° N, 17.5502° W.

Godafoss location
How to Get to Godafoss, Iceland


Godafoss is fairly easy to get to, as it’s located right by the main Ring Road in Iceland (Route 1). To get to Godafoss from the closest city to the falls, Akureyri, you simply need to take the Ring Road until you reach the dedicated Godafoss parking lot, which will take just over half an hour.

Reykjavik to Godafoss


If you’re traveling from the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavík, Godafoss Waterfall is 422 kilometers away, which will take around 5 hours 30 minutes to reach by car. This route is also along the main Ring Road, so we recommend making your visit to Godafoss Waterfall a stop along the way during your road trip around the island.

Godafoss route

Visiting Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland: Important Things to Know


When visiting Godafoss, you can take the short hiking trail that loops just under 2 kilometers around the waterfall. Along the way, you’ll be able to enjoy some incredible views of the falls from a range of viewpoints and even get close enough to feel the mist from Godafoss on your face!


We recommend spending around 30 minutes to an hour at Godafoss, soaking in the spectacular scenery and snapping some beautiful photos. If you’re wanting to stop for a drink or bite to eat, you can do so in the nearby Godafoss Café-Bistrot-Gift Shop, where you can enjoy a sandwich, soup or cake and a hot drink.

Godafoss visit

When to Visit Godafoss Waterfall


If you’re wondering what the best time of year to visit the amazing Godafoss Waterfall is, it’s a good question because you can witness these cascading falls in very different environments depending on when you choose to visit.

 For example, if you want an extra special Northern Lights Godafoss experience, you might be lucky enough to experience Godafoss with the dancing Northern Lights in the background during fall, winter and early spring.


In winter, the icy waterfall is usually covered in snow and ice, making Godafoss a true winter wonderland! Summer sees warmer temperatures and lush green surroundings, whereas the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn bring with them a chance to visit the waterfall among the changing colors of nature before the tourist crowds hit the island.

Godafoss Winter

Other Waterfalls to Visit Near Godafoss

While you’re visiting Godafoss Waterfall, you might like to explore more of the incredible Iceland waterfalls in the area. The smaller, but still beautiful, Geitafoss Waterfall can be found just downstream of Godafoss, dropping 6 meters over a narrow rock arch, creating a powerful flow of white water into the river. Although Geitafoss is overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Godafoss, it’s well-worth a visit while you’re there!


The second-most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss Waterfall, is another must-visit waterfall nearby to Godafoss. Dropping around 45 meters into one of Iceland’s largest canyons, Dettifoss is truly a unique spectacle to behold! This 100-meter wide waterfall is also sourced by the mighty Vatnajokull Glacier, just like Godafoss.

Attractions near Godafoss

Enjoy Your Own Unique Adventure in Iceland!


Godafoss Falls is an unmissable natural wonder in Iceland for sure, with its spectacular beauty, historical significance and stunning surroundings. Feeling inspired to visit Iceland and its incredible waterfalls for yourself? Make your own dream Iceland vacation a reality by renting a car in Iceland and hitting the road – let’s go explore!