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wedding in Iceland

Legal regulations
In case you decided to celebrate your wedding in Iceland, you first need to prepare all necessary papers. At least six weeks in advance you should send the documents to National Registry Office in Reykjavik. Among the most important papers, you should send scan of your passports, birth certificates (it is only legal to marry if you are above 18 year old), certificate of Maritial Status (to prove that you are not married already) and the letter from the Directorate of Immigration.
If you don't want to deal with local bureacracy, you can legally marry in your country and then arrange the unofficial celebration in Iceland.

If you decided to celebrate your wedding during the most popular Season (June-August), you should book everything as early as possible. Just make sure that the venue, wedding photographer and any other service that you are interested in is available during your preferable date. To avoid dissapointment, try to arrange everything at least six months in advance.

Mind the weather
In  order to make beatiful pictures in Icelandic Magic enviroment, you need to be fully prepared for cold weather. Pack some warm coats and boots, even if you plan to be in high heels inside the venue, it will be highly inpractical to walk in such shoes outside. Also even in summer, the weather can be pretty cold, so if you don't want to ruin you look with a coat, at least take a warm scalf with you.

Depending on your personal preferences, there are variety of places, where you can celebrate your weeding. There are many amazing churches, which would be ideal for small ceremonies. If you planning to have many guests, you can celebrate the wedding in a hotel. Alternatively, you can have an open-air wedding near one of the many fascinating waterfalls or other nature phenomena in Iceland. However. be prepared that the weather here is quite unpredictable. One thing that we are certain about: such wedding would leave you with unforgettable memories!