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Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days: Perfect For All Year Round


5 days in Iceland

Vacation season is upon us. Before long, travelers will be packing their suitcases and heading to new destinations, both at home and abroad. If you’ve decided to come to Iceland for your holidays, congratulations! You’re in for the trip of a lifetime!

Only got 5 days for your dream Iceland vacation? No worries! You’ll be able to explore some of the island’s most popular landmarks. You'll get to discover the magical South Coast and hike in spectacular National Parks. And of course, you'll experience bathing in geothermal waters during your 5-day trip.

Dive into our 5-day Iceland itinerary for top suggestions of places to go and things to do. First, we’ll explore an all-year-round itinerary. Then, we'll suggest seasonal itineraries and top things to do by geographical location – let’s go!

Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days: Perfect For All Year Round

Here are the top must-see spots for your 5-day trip to Iceland, perfect for all year round, no matter the weather or season.

Day 1: Reykjavík

All international visitors fly into Iceland’s Keflavik Airport. It is located a 40-minute drive from the country’s capital city, Reykjavík. Once you’ve arrived and picked up your Iceland car rental, it’s time to explore this vibrant, culturally rich Scandinavian capital.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when picking your activities for Reykjavík, with a whole range of amazing buildings and museums to see. We recommend stopping by Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran Church, Perlan Observatory and the Saga Museum. Other stops include the famous Sun Voyager Statue and the Whales of Iceland Exhibition.

If you enjoy shopping and nightlife, be sure to take a trip to Laugavegur Street in the center. If you’ve got time, you can also take a whale watching tour or visit some of the city’s many cafés and delicious street food restaurants.

Iceland itinerary 5 days

Day 2: Golden Circle

One of the most popular tourist routes in Iceland, the 186 mile (300 km) Golden Circle route takes you to some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights in Southwest Iceland. Starting and ending back in Reykjavík, the Golden Circle route is easily driven in a day.

The ‘big three’ on the Golden Circle route include Thingvellir National Park. It is the home to the Silfra Fissure and Iceland’s original Parliament. Also, the geysers Strokkur and Geysir in the Haukadalur geothermal area, and Gullfoss waterfall.

You’ll find more attractions along the Golden Circle route that are worth stopping at if you have time. Do not miss Kerid Crater, the volcanic crater lake, and the hot springs at Reykjadalur Valley.

5 days in Iceland

Day 3: Vik, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and Waterfalls

Day three of our 5-day Iceland tour sees us leaving Reykjavík. We'll be heading east on the Ring Road (Route 1) along the South Coast to Vik and Reynisfjara black sand beach.

On the way to Vik, we recommend making two stops just off the main highway at some of the best Ring Road attractions in Iceland. The first is Seljalandsfoss waterfall, also known as the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, which you can walk behind! An optional next stop is the breathtaking Skogafoss waterfall: one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland.

The tiny fishing village of Vik is a wonderful halfway point between Reykjavík and Vatnajökull National Park (our day 4 destination). With a population of around 300, you’ll find small guesthouses and quaint facilities for your overnight stay in Vik.

While you’re here, make sure to visit Reynisfjara black volcanic sand beach, just in front of the village. This famed beach is lined by impressive hexagonal basalt columns and sees rough Atlantic waves – be careful near the coast!

Reynisfjara beach

Day 4: Vatnajokull National Park

As Europe’s largest national park, Vatnajökull National Park is centered around the vast Vatnajökull glacier. Here, you can take a glacier hike or explore the amazing ice caves if you visit in winter. We recommend visiting the beautiful Skaftafell Nature Reserve, too, if you can squeeze it into your day.

While you’re there, make sure to head across the road to the awe-inspiring Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. You can take a boat trip on this glacial lake, watching giant icebergs floating by and spotting Arctic tern. Before you leave, cross over the road to Diamond Beach to see this black sand beach scattered with glistening, diamond-like chunks of ice.

5 day Iceland tour

Day 5: Blue Lagoon

It’s time to head back towards Reykjavík now, as you’ll soon have to catch your plane home. How time flies! Before you print out those boarding passes, be sure to make a stop at the magical Blue Lagoon: Iceland’s most famous geothermal spa.

There’s nothing like a soak in these naturally heated, silica-infused waters to melt all of your troubles and stresses away. The nourishing, milky-blue waters of the Blue Lagoon are set amongst a dramatic lava field. That makes bathing here an unmissable experience.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Spring Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days

Planning to visit this incredible Nordic nation in spring? Let’s explore a perfect spring Iceland trip itinerary for 5 days to make the most of the longer days and blossoming nature in this season.

  • Day 1: Hiking at Thingvellir National Park
  • Day 2: South Coast trip to Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls
  • Day 3: Whale and dolphin spotting at Heimaey Island
  • Day 4: Blue Lagoon and Reykjavík
  • Day 5: Self-drive Northern Lights hunt

Summer Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days

The beautiful Icelandic summer presents lots of opportunities to enjoy the country’s unbelievable natural wonders. Our summer Iceland itinerary for 5 days will give you the lowdown on the best places to spend your time.

  • Day 1: Vik village and Reynisfjara
  • Day 2: Skaftafell Nature Reserve, Jokulsarlon Lagoon and Diamond Beach
  • Day 3: Golden Circle - Thingvellir, Kerid Crater, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Day 4: Iceland Highlands: Landmanallugar hiking and geothermal bathing
  • Day 5: Blue Lagoon and Reykjavík

Iceland trip itinerary 5 days

Fall Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days

As the seasons change and fall arrives, Iceland’s natural beauty shines ever more radiantly. Enjoy your fall Iceland vacation with our complete 5-day Iceland trip itinerary for fall.

  • Day 1: Reykjavík: Enjoy Icelandic street food tour. Head to visit the world’s first indoor ice cave in the Perlan museum and explore Hallgrimskirkja Church
  • Day 2: Whale watching tour from Akureyri to Eyjafjordur fjord
  • Day 3: Lake Myvatn
  • Day 4: Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Jokulsarlon and Skaftafell Nature Reserve
  • Day 5: Golden Circle and hiking in Thingvellir National Park

Winter Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days

With limited daylight hours, it’s important to plan ahead for your day trips during winter in Iceland. This winter Iceland itinerary for 5 days will help you make the most of your vacation days!

  • Day 1: Vik village, Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls
  • Day 2: Glacier hike at Jokulsarlon Lagoon
  • Day 3: Warm up in the Blue Lagoon and explore Reykjavik
  • Day 4: Northern Lights hunting - Grotta Lighthouse
  • Day 5: Reykjanes Peninsula or Snaefellsnes Peninsula, depending on weather

Iceland suggested itinerary

North Iceland and Westfjords Itinerary For 5 Days

The less populated, but spectacular North of Iceland contains many amazing natural wonders to visit. Here’s our top 5 Days Iceland itinerary for Northern Iceland and the Westfjords:

  • Day 1: Lake Myvatn and Hverir geothermal area
  • Day 2: Whale watching tour from Akureyri to Eyjafjordur fjord
  • Day 3: Exploring the city of Akureyri
  • Day 4: Westfjords for the more adventurous travelers
  • Day 5: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

South Iceland Itinerary For 5 Days

Where should you plan to go along the country’s beautiful and popular South Coast? We’ve included the places not to miss in our South Iceland itinerary for your 5-day trip.

  • Day 1: Blue Lagoon – only 20-minute drive from the airport!
  • Day 2: Golden Circle route
  • Day 3: Puffin watching at Heimaey Island
  • Day 4: Vik village and Reynisfjara black sand beach
  • Day 5: Jokulsarlon Lagoon and Diamond Beach

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