Going the extra mile

We strive to make your road trip around Iceland picture PERFECT, OK just won’t cut it. We’ll go above and beyond to make your time in Reykjavik unforgettable!

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The high quality standards yet low prices of our cars for hire in Reykjavik will blow you away. Get in touch with our friendly team of car hire experts and book your rental car before it’s too late!

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We provide FREE CDW, SCDW & TP insurances with every one of our hires! Want to take it up a notch? Get our Platinum Plan and go All-Risk!

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Worries? Stress? No way José! As soon as you hire your car in Reykjavik with us you’ll have access to 24/7 customer service, so that no matter how many clouds form in the sky, your day stays bright as sunshine!

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Who you gonna call? Iceland Cars!

At Iceland Cars we don’t investigate the paranormal or wear proton packs like the Ghosbusters, but we have the best & newest cars for hire in Reykjavik for you to choose from!

Why hiring a car in Reykjavik is a great idea

If you’re thinking ‘Reykjavik isn’t that big! I can see it in a day!’, then you might need to rethink your travel schedule. Reykjavik may be small, but it’s so packed with tourist attractions and points of interest that you’ll need to spend some time there if you want to see everything worthwhile. The good news is you can hire a car in Reykjavik to speed things up, so head on over to our offices and choose your road companion!

  • Move around Reykjavik freely. Already know what you want to see in the island’s capital or have no clue at all? In any case, hiring a car in Reykjavik is the best way to easily discover the city and its surroundings. Visit Hallgrimskirkja in the morning, go shopping in the afternoon and try a local food tour in the evening. It’s totally up to you!
  • Make every penny count. Paying for a bus to a tourist attraction OR for a ticket to bathe in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon? Which one is more bucket-list-worthy? Hiring a car in Reykjavik lets you turn the island into your playground, granting you access to every corner and allocating most of your budget to the new and unique experiences that really do matter!
  • Take the reins of your journey. What resource can be spent but never earnt? TIME! Don’t waste a single second in Reykjavik waiting for walking tours or day trips! Hire a car in Keflavik as soon as you land and visit your favorite places in Reykjavik at your own pace and on your own time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have solutions! Well, that’s as long as you don’t ask us to fix the kitchen sink or find the lost city of Atlantis.

Read on to find everything you need to know about hiring a car in Reykjavik, including payments, booking, cancellations, extras and insurance.

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Hire a car in Reykjavik and enjoy the drive!

As you prepare to take on the unknown twists and turns of Iceland, the Land of Fire & Ice, there are some basics that you’ll need to be aware of unless you don’t mind taking a wrong turn and ending up in a ring with the puffin wrestling champion!

Let’s take a look at the main things you’ll want to be aware of as you take a spin around Iceland in your Reykjavik car hire!

  • Learning the ropes. What you need to know before getting behind the wheel of your hired car in Reykjavik is: you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left. The speed limit around Reykjavik and most city roads is 30-50 km/h, seatbelts are compulsory and headlights must be on at all times.
  • The bigger the better (mostly!). A little economy car is all you need if you want to comfortably discover Reykjavik and other urban areas (like the Ring Road), but if you plan on going ‘off-the-beaten track’ and even attempting the F-roads, then you’ll need a larger, more robust 4x4 vehicle that can tackle everything that the island can throw at it!
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. One thing that sets apart the Icelandic people is their hospitality and their respect for their environment and each other. That’s why when you hire a car in Iceland you’ll want to do so respectfully at all times, i.e. not damaging the island’s natural treasures by going off road with your vehicle or stopping in the middle of the road as if you were its only inhabitant.
  • Stay protected. Iceland is called the Land of Fire and Ice for a reason! Depending on the season and the part of the island that you decide to visit, you may come face to face with extreme weather conditions and potential road hazards. That’s why we recommend that you don’t cut corners when it comes to purchasing a comprehensive insurance policy that has you covered every step of the way!

The Iceland Cars Blog

Welcome to Iceland Cars’s travel blog! Get all the latest information about Iceland, like advice for driving around Reykjavik, points of interest you just can’t miss and the latest news and updates about the island!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Iceland’s Golden Circle

Iceland’s Golden Circle is a surefire way to visit the very best natural attractions that southern Iceland has to offer. Read all about it right here!

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Traveling the Ring Road

Already in the driver’s seat of your Reykjavik car rental and don’t know where to go? The Ring Road goes all the way around Iceland, taking you to some of the most emblematic hidden treasures of the Land of Fire and Ice.

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Myvatn Lake Revealed

Myvatn Lake just happens to be the fourth largest lake in Iceland, and is considered to be one of the island’s most spectacular natural attractions, mainly due to its outworldly peace, its birdlife and the volcanic landscape that surrounds it.

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Top 10 Tips for Driving in Iceland

Iceland is indeed a great destination to choose for a once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip, but to make sure everything runs smoothly you’ll want to read up on Icelandic traffic laws, weather conditions and road types, among other things.