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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? No problem. We have answers! Browse through all of our top FAQs and read everything there is to know about your car rental in Iceland.

Pick up your bags from the carousel and go through to the Arrivals Hall. Upon entering, you’ll see our reps holding a placard. In the unlikely event you can’t find them, you can contact our customer service center by calling +3547874444. Someone will assist you in finding your greeting rep. All paperwork will be completed on site in a fast and easy manner.

Any parking tickets, traffic fines or other driving violations shall be the sole responsibility of the driver and/or renter on record. Any violation received shall be charged to the renter of the vehicle and a local administrative transaction fee will be charged in addition to the fine issued by the state.

Visiting Iceland is like traveling to another planet, as such driving there is an experience like no other. Here’s a list of the main things you’ll want to watch out for during your road trip!

  • Icy conditions
  • Stray animals on the road
  • Strong winds that may damage doors
  • Losing traction or maneuverability on gravel or unpaved roads
  • Undetected flat tires
  • The cold weather in general. During winter, the temperature can get as low as 0ºC.

Since the highlands are a magnificent example of nature everywhere, only 4x4 vehicles are allowed. A 4x4 vehicle will let you travel through the toughest outdoor unpaved roads in the highlands. These roads are marked with an ‘F’ and are called F-roads.