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Mývatn Northern Lights Tour


Beautiful northern lights

Scandinavian Travel Services offers a great opportunity to discover the northern lights in Iceland. The tour runs from 20th September till 15th April. The departure will take place from Tourist Information Center in Reykjahlí­ð at 21:00 and will last approximately 3 hours.

There are many conditions in order to discover the northern lights: clear weather, correct location (more chances in arctic regions), lack of street lights, right timing. Aurora borealis can be seen in Iceland from Mid-August till mid-April, with the peak time in October/November and February/March.

There are no guarantees that you would see the northern lights if you take this tour, even though the organisers will make sure to bring you to the area, which gives you the biggest chance to see this nature phenomenon. However, in case there will be no lack to capture aurora borealis that time, you will be given another chance the following night for free. 

For the trip you would need to bring with you warm clothes, waterproof jacket and pants, good hiking boots and drinking water. The tour will cost 19.500 ISK per person, children will have 50% discount. More information can be found here.