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All About Iceland’s Myvatn Nature Baths


Myvatn Nature Baths

A spectacular set of geothermal lagoons and steaming hot springs, Myvatn Nature Baths are the perfect place to experience the power of nature and unwind after a long day of exploring Iceland’s incredible landscapes.


The mineral-rich waters at the Myvatn baths are heated by the Earth itself and surrounded by stunning scenery. Let’s explore all you need to know to enjoy a wonderful visit to Myvatn Nature Baths, including where these unique baths are, how much it costs to visit and when you can go for a soak here.

All About Myvatn Nature Baths


Several pools and baths make up Myvatn Nature Baths, sometimes also referred to as Myvatn Hot Springs, all of which are geothermally heated. Located to the east of Lake Myvatn, these baths opened in 2004 and can be considered to be a fast-growing equivalent of the world-renowned Blue Lagoon near Reykjavík.


One of the top attractions in North Iceland, the milky-blue water of Myvatn Nature Baths is rich in many beneficial minerals. These include silica, which is believed to be excellent for skin health and appearance, as well as sulfur, which is considered to have a positive effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases.

 Myvatn Nature Baths

Locally sourced, natural and organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner are offered at Myvatn in Iceland, all made from wild Icelandic herbs and fresh spring water – sounds luxurious, right?

What is the Temperature of the Nature Baths in Myvatn?


The water at Myvatn Nature Baths is between 36 and 40ºC (97 to 104ºF). You’ll also find some indoor steam baths at Myvatn in Iceland, which have a temperature of 45ºC and a humidity of almost 100%, coming from natural, geothermal steam rising through vents in the floor.


The steam baths feature windows, so you can enjoy amazing views of the Myvatn area and experience a cleansing steam bath at the same time. If you need to cool down, you can do just that in the cold showers outside.

Where Are Myvatn Nature Baths?


Located in North Iceland in the Lake Myvatn area, the spectacular Myvatn Nature Baths are around 2 kilometers east of the village of Reykjahlid.

 Situated towards the northeast of the country, these gorgeous geothermal baths are within the Myvatn Geothermal Area, which also features a lava cave called Grjotagja, housing a geothermal spring that was historically used for bathing.

Lake Myvatn area

How to Get to Myvatn Nature Baths


Myvatn Nature Baths are fairly easy to get to, as these geothermal pools are conveniently located just off the main Ring Road in Iceland, also known as Route 1. To arrive at this beautiful destination, you’ll just need to follow the Ring Road until you reach the Myvatn Geothermal Area, at which point you’ll turn off Route 1 and drive a couple of minutes to reach the baths.


The town of Husavik, a famous whale watching destination, is only 45 minutes away from Myvatn Nature Baths by car. You may wish to stay a night at Husavik, or you may choose to stay in the coastal city of Akureyri, which is around 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Myvatn Nature Baths.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Myvatn Nature Baths?


  • Children (age 0-12) – Free

  • Teenagers (age 13-15) – 3190 ISK ($23 USD)

  • Adults (age 16 and over) – 6490 ISK ($48 USD)

  • Concessions (students, seniors and disabled people) – 4290 ISK ($32 USD)


There are some optional extras you might like to add for your trip to Myvatn Nature Baths, such as a towel, which costs 850 ISK ($6 USD) per adult, and/or a bathrobe, which costs 1800 ISK ($13 USD) per adult.

Myvatn Nature Baths prices


You can also choose to take a range of guided tours of Lake Myvatn and the surrounding areas if you’d like to explore this stunning geothermal area with an experienced and trusted guide.

Myvatn Nature Baths Opening Times


Myvatn Nature Baths are open from noon to 10pm from Monday to Sunday. If you’re planning to visit during the holiday season, we recommend checking up-to-date opening times as these will usually be shorter during holidays, such as the Christmas and New Year period.

Top Tips for Visiting Myvatn Nature Baths


When visiting Myvatn Nature Baths, here are a few important things to keep in mind to make sure you enjoy your experience at these geothermal lagoons to the max!


  • Remove any jewelry because the minerals in the water, particularly the sulfur, can stain jewelry. Silver and copper jewelry turn black in the water.

  • Leave glasses in your locker because they can also become stained by the water.

  • All visitors must shower and wash thoroughly without a swimsuit before entering the baths.

  • Book your tickets ahead of time to make sure you can visit Myvatn Nature Baths on your preferred day, as these geothermal pools tend to get busy, particularly in the summer period.

Tips for Visiting Myvatn Nature Baths

Soak Away Your Troubles in Myvatn, Iceland


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Driving is by far the best way to see Iceland, as you can simply hop on the Ring Road and travel around the island, stopping off at any destinations that catch your eye along the way. Make sure to schedule your trip to Myvatn while you’re in the north of Iceland and enjoy a well-deserved soak in these beautiful mineral-rich waters. Ah, bliss!