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Your Complete Travel Guide to Visiting Iceland in April


Iceland in April

With longer daylight hours, fewer tourists and mild weather, going to Iceland in April is a fantastic vacation choice for travelers wanting to experience the magic of this incredible Nordic Island in peace. April in Iceland marks the coming of summer, with plenty of exciting festivals and events to celebrate, plus incredible opportunities to spot the Northern Lights and explore the breathtaking natural wonders across the country.

Let’s run through everything you need to know about going to Iceland in April, including what weather to expect, the best things to do during April in Iceland, what to pack for your trip and events not to miss!

Is April a Good Time to Go to Iceland?

So, what is Iceland like in April? Let’s take a look through the pros and cons of visiting Iceland in April to help you get a better sense of whether an April Iceland vacation is the dream trip for you!

Pros of Visiting Iceland in April

  • Spring weather – As April is a spring month, you can expect warmer and milder weather during April in Iceland, which is perfect for enjoying all the outdoor exploring your heart desires. You can even expect some sunny days in Reykjavik in April, although keep in mind that it’ll still be fairly chilly.

  • Less crowds – Off-peak season means fewer tourists, so you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of Iceland’s natural wonders without the crowds – perfect!

  • Cheaper prices – Another fantastic benefit of visiting Iceland during off-peak season is the off-peak prices. With fewer tourists, the prices of accommodation, activities and other commodities are generally lower during April than the peak travel season of summer.

  • Better road conditions – Many roads that were closed during the cold season due to harsh weather conditions and inaccessible routes are open again during April, meaning you’ll have the freedom to enjoy an epic Iceland road trip at this time of year.

  • Wildlife watching – April is the month when many whale species return to Icelandic waters, remaining here until September, so you’ll have a great chance of spotting some of these majestic sea mammals during your April in Iceland.

  • Enough daylight hours to explore – With the coming of spring, the days lengthen and the nights shorten, meaning you’ll have plenty of hours in the day to explore the amazing glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and ice lagoons all over the country. Longer daylight hours means you can fit more into your vacation schedule, allowing you to enjoy Iceland to the max – perfect!

  • Northern Lights – Northern Lights season in Iceland lasts from September to April, so any travelers wanting to witness the incredible aurorae for themselves will be pleased to know that they’ll have the opportunity to do so during April. Earlier in the month is the best time to spot these colorful lights dance across the sky.

    Northern Lights

Cons of Visiting Iceland in April

  • No Midnight Sun – Although you can spot the Northern Lights during April in Iceland, one natural phenomenon that isn’t visible during this month is the Midnight Sun. That’s because you need to visit Iceland during summer when the nights are at their shortest in order to watch this amazing late sunset.

  • Icelandic Highlands are inaccessible in April – One area that you can’t visit during April in Iceland is the wild and remote Icelandic Highlands, which is only accessible in the summer months. You’ll need to drive on the mountainous F-roads to reach the Highlands, which requires a 4x4 vehicle. These roads are closed during April. 

  • No Icelandic Puffins – The famously cute puffins that call Iceland home arrive on the island in May, so you’ll just miss them during your April Iceland vacation.

Weather and Temperature in Iceland in April

One of the most important things to find out when planning your visit to Iceland is the average weather and temperatures you can expect during your stay. Here’s the lowdown:

Iceland Weather in April

As always, Iceland’s weather is famously changeable and unpredictable, with good chances of experiencing all four seasons in one day! Although April generally sees less rain and snow than the winter months, you can expect some rain showers and even some snowfall in Iceland in April. On average, rainfall in April is around 58mm (2.3 inches).

There are usually also some sunny

days, as spring is in full bloom during April. You might also experience some windy conditions, so it’s always good to keep wrapped up warm to protect you from the chill.

weather in Iceland

Iceland Temperature in April

When planning your vacation, you might be wondering ‘how cold is Iceland in April?’. Well, the average temperature in Iceland in April is around 3ºC (37ºF). In general, South Iceland is usually warmer than North Iceland, with temperatures in the southerly capital city, Reykjavik, averaging between 0ºC (32ºF) and 7ºC (45ºF), whereas you might experience temperatures just below freezing towards the north of the country.

Daylight in Iceland in April

You can expect between 13 to 16 hours of daylight in Iceland in April, which makes a big (and welcome!) change from the 5 hours of daylight during winter! While you won’t be able to see the Midnight Sun during April in Iceland, you still have a good chance of spotting the incredible Northern Lights, especially if you visit Iceland earlier in the month. Sunrise varies between 5am and 6:45am, with sunset between to 8:30pm and 9:45pm.

Best Things to Do in Iceland in April

Get ready to plan the ultimate vacation itinerary with our complete guide to the best things to do in Iceland in April. Without further ado, here we go!

See the Beautiful Northern Lights

Of course, taking a guided Northern Lights Iceland April tour is a must during your trip to Iceland. You can check your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland in April using the handy Iceland aurorae forecast tool, which tells you how likely you are to spot the aurorae on a particular night.

Drive the Incredible Golden Circle

If you’re wondering what to do in Iceland in April, driving the famed Golden Circle is an amazing option. You’ll be able to see the wonderful Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall and Kerid Volcanic Crater, as well as steaming geysers and geothermal valleys.

Tour Iceland’s Epic South Coast

Another amazing road trip you can take during your April in Iceland is a tour of the beautiful South Coast. You can visit some traditional Icelandic villages and towns, see the incredible Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and take some epic photos on Diamond Beach.

Visit the Cascading Waterfalls

Iceland has no shortage of waterfalls, with over 10,000 of them dotted across the island! You might like to visit some of the more famous waterfalls, such as Gullfoss, Svartifoss and Dettifoss, or some of the lesser-known but still beautiful falls, like Gljufrabui Waterfall.

Waterfalls in Iceland

Walk Along Iceland’s Black Sand Beaches

April is a great time to visit some of the country’s incredible black sand beaches and soak in the gorgeous sea views while taking a stroll along the shore. In particular, we recommend heading to Vik and its black sand beaches, where you can explore the renowned Reynsfjara volcanic sand beach.

Sample Some Delicious Icelandic Cuisine

During your time in Iceland, you just have to try some traditional Icelandic cuisine, including hakarl (fermented shark), skyr (Icelandic yogurt) and hangikjot (smoked lamb). As well as top-quality restaurants, you’ll also find some trendy street food markets in the capital of Reykajvik down by the harbor.

Go On an Icelandic Horseback Ride

Why not head into the beautiful Icelandic countryside and enjoy a thrilling ride on an Icelandic Horse? These special horses are unique to Iceland and you can find a guided horseriding tour to join, no matter whether you’re a complete beginner or expert horserider.

Tour the Amazing Icelandic Capital of Reykjavik

The vibrant city of Reykjavik has so much to offer, including amazing museums, galleries, eateries and architectural masterpieces. From the famous Hallgrimskirkja Church to the fascinating Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, you’ll certainly have no shortage of fun things to do in Reykjavik!

Reykjavik in April

Take a Glacier Hike

Going on a glacier hike in Iceland is one of the best ways to experience the magical icy wonderland that is Iceland. Taking a guided glacier hike tour is the best option for exploring these expansive ice structures.

Soak in the Relaxing Waters of the Icelandic Hot Springs

Warm up after a day exploring Iceland’s incredible landscapes by taking a bath in one of the country’s many natural hot springs, such as the famous Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik. You might also want to take a guided tour to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting hot springs across the country, such as a Hvammsvik Hot Spring Tour.

Go Whale Watching

April is a brilliant month to go whale watching, as many species return to the island in April. You can easily take a Reykajvik Whale Watching Tour in an afternoon from the city and enjoy a few hours at sea among these incredible creatures. 

Driving in Iceland in April

Driving in Iceland in April is much easier than during winter, as most roads and routes are open, weather conditions are milder and daylight hours are longer. You’ll pretty much be able to drive wherever you most want to visit during your April Iceland vacation, apart from the Icelandic Highlands, which are only accessible for two months or so during summer.

We recommend checking your route and up-to-date Icelandic road conditions before setting out on your day trip, as well as discussing with your rental agent about any specific requirements you’ll need for the destinations you plan to visit, such as specific insurances or a 4x4 vehicle.

Icelandic Festivals and Events in April

While visiting Iceland in April, you might like to catch one of the exciting festivals this unique island has to offer during the spring season. Here are the top events taking place in Iceland every April for you to check out:

Reykjavik Blues Festival

This unique Icleandic music festival sees blues artists from all over Europe and North America come together to create some of the most fun jam sessions the country has to offer. Held in the capital city of Reykjavik, the festival commences with a special ‘Blues Day’ in early April in the city center, followed by various live blues performances across different downtown venues.

Reykjavik Blues Festival is the perfect opportunity to watch both local and international blues artists perform, with the Icelandic capital hosting talented solo musicians and groups for a few days every spring since 2003.

Children’s Culture Festival

Each year since 2010, the week-long Children’s Culture Festival is held in mid-April in Reykjavik, with over 150 events taking place all across the city. Dedicated to children and young people up to age 16, this unique festival celebrates children’s participation in arts and culture.

There are workshops and performances across many disciplines, including theater, dance, visual arts, circus, storytelling, music and puppetry. Many libraries, schools, museums and theaters take part in this wonderful festival, creating a magical week of special events and creative experiences for children to enjoy.

Sumardagurinn Fyrsti: First Day of Summer

Did you know that the first day of summer is a public holiday in Iceland each year? Held on the first Thursday after 18th April, Sumardagurrin Fyrsti sees parades and other fun, celebratory events held all over the country. This festival marks the end of the long winter days and the forthcoming arrival of summer.

The First Day of Summer Festival links to the old Icelandic calendar, which was divided into six months of short days and six months of long days. This festival marks the start of the first summer month (Harpa in the old Icelandic calendar) and it’s common for locals to fly the Icelandic flag in their garden as a celebration of the long-awaited start of summer.

Pack for Iceland in April

What to Pack and Wear When Visiting Iceland in April

Wondering what to wear in Iceland in April? We’ve created a list essential items to make sure you bring along all the most important clothes you’ll need for your Iceland vacation. Check out our list of what to pack for Iceland in April for some top travel tips for the best clothes for Iceland in April.