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Flag of Iceland

25 Feb 2016

Best souvenirs from Iceland Blog

When you travel abroad, you have to spend at least one day to buy gifts and presents to family and friends. In this post we will try to give you some tips of the most popular souvenirs in the country.

aerial view on Iceland

27 Dec 2015

Helicopter Tour Golden Circle & Landmannalaugar 

We talked a lot about different places that one should visit in order to explore Iceland, however we never mentioned the helicopter tours that allow you to view the country from air. In this post we will discuss one of such fascinating tours!

Herðubreið mountain

05 Dec 2015

Askja Winter Super Jeep Tour

If you are planning to explore Iceland during winter season, you should consider one of the group tours, as weather conditions might be too hard to take such adventure on your own. Here you can read about Askja Winter Super Jeep Tour.

Icelandic Christmas

03 Dec 2015

Christmas in Iceland: Traditions, Festivities, and Events

If you want to spend Christmas holidays abroad, Iceland would be a perfect place for celebration. In this post you will find information on interesting local traditions to celebrate Christmas, or as Icelandic people say Yule.


23 Nov 2015

Top five things to do in Reykjavík

Want to explore Reykjavik, but don’t know where to start? We chose five best ways to spend your time in Icelandic capital.


19 Nov 2015

Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Tour

If you want to explore Iceland, but prefer to do it in a group with a tour guide, Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Tour is a fantastic opportunity for you. It gives you a chance to enjoy a beautiful view, see infamous volcanoes and bathe in hot springs.